Where to sell your car quickly in Sydney

If you are wondering where to sell your car quickly in Sydney then you need to know that you have various mediums for selling your car in Sydney. You can post an advertisement in the newspaper or you can find a good dealer who can do this work for you and the dealer would take care of everything like advertising and getting all the necessary paperwork done.  If you Google “buy my car sydney“, you will be presented with many websites willing to buy your car quickly.

However, in return he/she would take some commission. If you are not getting a good and reputed car dealer near you or you don’t want to pay huge amount of commissions to the car dealer then you can privately sell your car. If you are eliminating the middle man while selling your car then you can really save some good amount of money while selling your car. You need to know that there are many online websites that deals in selling and buying cars. Most of them are free and some charges minimal amount. So, you can register at the websites and upload some pictures of your car and the interested buyers would contact you.

These days, selling cars online is not really a daunting task as many people turn to the internet for shopping. However, you need to make sure that you find the right online website. Though there are many online websites that deals in buying and selling of cars, however, all of them won’t be reliable and capable of helping you to get good price for your car. So, you are required to find a good and reputed website that will help you to get the best amount for your car. Before you put your car on sale in any of the online websites, you need to look for some reviews. You would find many reviews at the online websites. Those reviews would help you to determine whether the online website you are considering for selling your car would be the right one for you or not.

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Weekend entertainment – three scenic drives to choose from

Weekends seem to be the most hectic of all days. With finishing errands, pending work, constant entertainment, there hardly seems to be any time left to just lungs and real. Activities offered over the weekend are endless. the lure of just hanging out with friends is tempting. Nothing beats a long beautiful drive where you can just be. If you are heading to adrive towards the mountains then ensure that all equipment including towing equipment is packed with you. Westcott Towbars Perth, are suppliers and fitters of Bullbars, Roobars, Front Protection Bars, Roof Racks, Tradesman Racks, Ladder Racks, Cargo Barriers, Spotlights. Once the basics are in place, start a beautiful drive and let the beauty of nature get to you. As you move along, you will feel a calmness begins to set in some moments after the drive. Some drives worth a try over a long weekend would be:

Lamington National park, Canungra drive

The drive via ConAgra, with it’s twists and turns has a beautiful view as you pass hills, rivers and wineries. There are enough pubs and some quaint cafes along the Army Base, where you can stop to take a break. If you are upto a longer break, the historic river mill and mount Tambourine happen to fall along the way. The O’Reilly’s guest house is the last stop, a beautiful guest house located right on top of the mountains in Leamington Park.

Scenic Rim

To get to scenic rim there are plenty of roads to choose from. All offer a beautiful drive with stunning views along the way. If you want to also explore mountain tracks, then take the road to Mt Barney National Park via Logan River flood plains and Beaudesert as well as the captain cook lookout.

If you want to drive further then ridgeline head to the McPherson Ranges with an amazing view. The ranges border Queensland and New South Wales. Continue on to the Summerland Way to reach Focal Peak.

Ben Boyd National Park

The drive along the Ben Boyd National Park is filled with isolated coastal destinations and highlights like Green Cape Lightstation, a romantic place with a spectacular view. Another lighthouse is the Boyd tower, which is not completed but offers a beautiful view of the red siltstone cliffs. The Davidson Whaling Station has plenty of illustrations and photos displaying the era when the station was operational.

Sunshine Beach drive

The Sunshine coast has some beautiful beaches and a drive along the coast is filled with calming ocean views. Some of the beaches that you would pass through would be the Coolum Beach, Peregian Beach, Marcus Beach, Castaways Beach, and Sunrise Beach.

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How to throw a stress free dinner party

Nothing beats sitting and laughing with friends over a wonderfully prepared meal. The icing on the cake would be lovely music, a beautifully laid table, delicious food and drink. Sound like heaven but not all dinner parties end up this way. Most entertainment leave the host stressed out completely and too hassled to really enjoy the evening. Make life easy for yourself and try these few tricks to keep a dinner entertaining for your guests and most important for yourself.

Keep it simple

The more complicated you make the dishes, the more involved you will be at finishing up and serving the dish. So leave the signature dishes for restaurant style entertainment and opt for appetizers that are simple to serve and do n to require too much fuss over the preparation. Once you go with the supermarket buys, you will be able to reserve your effort for the main course dishes. Again go easy on the appetisers. You don’t want guests to be too full to enjoy dinner.

Dine out

Opt for a restaurant that echoes your style of entertainment and then just relax and enjoy the evening with your guests. The Oxford CockTail Function Venue exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar.


Music set to the right mood that appeals to the guests you have invited can really keep the spirits. Opt for a mix of evergreen favourites, trending numbers and some classics.

Guest Know how

Try and invite guests who have similar tastes and a common interest. There will be a lot more laughter and entertainment than if you end by balancing high emotions.

Check on the guests to see if anyone has any food allergies. You can omit serving the same, or warn the person before a mishap takes place.


Dim lighting really sets the mood for a relaxing evening and gives a cosy feel to the house. If you can, then opt for candles – electric ones do really well and you do not need to worry about a fall.

Place cards

It may seem formal to have a seating plan but it really helps when there are a number of people. This way you can figure out who will be comfortable with who and place seats accordingly.

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What Is an Alpha Canopy For A Ute

What Is An Alpha Canopy For a Ute?

In Australia, many people use utility vehicles. Now, a utility vehicle can have a rear cargo area. This open cargo area is for carrying goods or additional loads.

An alpha canopy covers this open area. You can use an alpha canopy to cover the rear of your utility vehicle to carry goods.

Benefits Of Using An Alpha Canopy On A Ute

1) Safe

An alpha canopy will make your Ute’s rear area safer. It can save your vehicle’s open area from rain and sunlight. Hence, you can carry your loads safely.

Moreover, a canopy will also provide you a good place to carry goods. A canopy can carry heavy loads. You can keep your goods in an organized way. So, your goods won’t get damaged.

2) Secure

An alpha canopy has an impressive locking system. This means you can use it as a shelter. Australian people love to camp. In that case, they can use the canopy to protect themselves from dangerous animals and harmful insects.

Apart from that, it can also protect you and your luggage from outside weather.

3) Stylish

A Ute with an alpha canopy looks more stylish. Modern canopies have attractive roof linings and roof bars. You can also lift the side doors. Moreover, an alpha canopy can have the exact style and color of your Ute. As a result, it would be hard for anybody to distinguish between your Ute and the canopy.

4) Easy To Install and Uninstall

An alpha canopy is easy to install. You just don’t need to drill any holes to attach it with your Ute. Furthermore, if you want to sell your car then you can remove the canopy easily. The canopy will leave no trace on your Ute.  If you look for alpha canopies, make sure it is from a reputable supplier.

An alpha canopy has so many beneficial aspects. If you have a Ute then you should definitely enjoy the amazing benefits of an alpha canopy. For the Australian people, an alpha canopy and a Ute can be a super beneficial combination.

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