How to throw a stress free dinner party

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Nothing beats sitting and laughing with friends over a wonderfully prepared meal. The icing on the cake would be lovely music, a beautifully laid table, delicious food and drink. Sound like heaven but not all dinner parties end up this way. Most entertainment leave the host stressed out completely and too hassled to really enjoy the evening. Make life easy for yourself and try these few tricks to keep a dinner entertaining for your guests and most important for yourself.

Keep it simple

The more complicated you make the dishes, the more involved you will be at finishing up and serving the dish. So leave the signature dishes for restaurant style entertainment and opt for appetizers that are simple to serve and do n to require too much fuss over the preparation. Once you go with the supermarket buys, you will be able to reserve your effort for the main course dishes. Again go easy on the appetisers. You don’t want guests to be too full to enjoy dinner.

Dine out

Opt for a restaurant that echoes your style of entertainment and then just relax and enjoy the evening with your guests. The Oxford CockTail Function Venue exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar.


Music set to the right mood that appeals to the guests you have invited can really keep the spirits. Opt for a mix of evergreen favourites, trending numbers and some classics.

Guest Know how

Try and invite guests who have similar tastes and a common interest. There will be a lot more laughter and entertainment than if you end by balancing high emotions.

Check on the guests to see if anyone has any food allergies. You can omit serving the same, or warn the person before a mishap takes place.


Dim lighting really sets the mood for a relaxing evening and gives a cosy feel to the house. If you can, then opt for candles – electric ones do really well and you do not need to worry about a fall.

Place cards

It may seem formal to have a seating plan but it really helps when there are a number of people. This way you can figure out who will be comfortable with who and place seats accordingly.